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Joe Albanese Net Worth

Albanese’s net worth is courted to be an estimated $1.2 million. Most of his earnings come from his social media presence as a content creator on Tiktok, as well as Instagram and YouTube, while he could also earn from sponsorships and brand collaborations.

On TikTok, the creator could potentially earn upwards of an estimated $27k per post, excluding brand-sponsored deals. On Instagram, he could potentially earn upwards of an estimated $5k for a brand-sponsored post. On YouTube, his average earnings are around the $3k mark per video, excluding brand-sponsored deals, for which they could charge upwards of $10k per video.

Joe Albanese Social Media

Albnese’s dominance on social media is very evident with over 41.3 million TikTok followers, while on Instagram he has over 1.2 million followers, and on YouTube, he has over 1.4 million subscribers.

Joe Albanese merch

Joe Albanese Career

Albanese was inspired and motivated by his little sister to pursue a career on social media. His sister started with, then moved to TikTok and he too eventually followed her to create videos on TikTok. However, before Albanese created his TikTok account, he created a YouTube channel on March 30, 2019, under his own name.

His first video was him doing a head spin. In the channel, he uploads vlogs, humorous videos, and games. After that, he created TikTok in the same year, specifically in January 2020. His first video on TikTok is doing fitness and one leg squat.

Joe Albanese Personal Life

Joe Albanese was born on 22nd December 2001 in Connecticut, United States. His mother’s name is Denise Viglione-Rivera and he has an older and younger sister. His elder sister, Brianna Marie Albanese, is a budding influencer, while his younger sister, Anabella Rivera is also a social media star and is quite popular on TikTok.

She is credited as being the main influence on Albenese pursuit of a social media career. Albanese’s family was initially not happy about his social media work; however, after realizing the potential he had on these platforms, they not only accepted it happily but also began participating in his videos. His current relationship status is unknown, hence he is presumably single.

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